Aerial View of INDOOR / OUTDOOR All Terrain Scenario Fields


Room Scenarios, Tunnels, bunkers, two story towers, trenches, bridges, halo metal fields, black-light rooms, Call of Duty themed, Military, Urban, Wooded fields, etc.

Battleground Orlando Laser Tag Facility

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO, is Florida’s largest Indoor/Outdoor tactical laser tag battles facility!  At this facility you get the following features:

  • Advanced Rental Laser Tag gun systems ( Military Grade.  Visit our ARMORY )
  • Use of both Indoor and Outdoor courses.
  • Eight courses of extreme variety which include: bridges, tunnels, trenches, forts, towers, bunkers, staircases, etc.
  • Large variety of scenario games
  • FREE Rental on your Birthday w. Proof of ID
  • FREE Pizza slice per person
  • Open everyday, Noon – Midnight.  Reservations are required!

Our fields were no accident.  Our designers, engineers and carpenters created each of our fields from the drawing board to reality!  Consider Field (F), our “Call of Duty” themed field:

Our Laser Tag Center includes, EIGHT INDOOR and OUTDOOR fields for laser tag!  The largest in Florida!




We have real All Terrain Combat fields so, … you may get dirty.


This is the closest to real combat you can get. We have Indoor and Outdoor courses with grass, sand, trenches, woods, sometimes mud, urban structures, etc. So leave your Guchi purses and designer shoes at home and prepare for battle! ( We do rent jumpsuits. )

( This facility is also the home of the well known, Orlando Paintball facility, which has been in business for over 20 years!  Yes, here, you have the choice of paintball or laser tag. )

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO (RSVP): – (407) 371-0686  or  (407) 294-0694 – “Laser Tag” Center

About Us

The largest lasertag complex in Florida!  Indoor & Outdoor scenarios, FREE pizza, FREE pictures & military grade equipment. Open Everyday 12pm-12am.


7215 Rose Avenue,

Orlando, FL 32810

(407) 294-0694