• FREE Rental for the Birthday Person, ( +/- 7 days from the Birthday )!
  • FREE Pizza slice per player ( Additional large 10 slice one topping pizza only $19.95 from Domino’s )
  • Need Proof of Birthday ( Drivers Lic., Birth Cert., Passport, ID Card, etc. )


  • FREE Rental for the Bachelor(ette)!

  • FREE Pizza slice per player ( Additional large 10 slice one topping pizza only $19.95 from Domino’s )
  • Much safer alternative for a happy marriage than some of the other things to do.

Now, everyone gets a FREE slice of pizza on us.  However, if you want more, nothing is cheaper and feeds hungry mouths better than hot Gourmet pizza, and we have a deal for you from Domino’s.  Only $19.95 for a Large one Topping, Ten Slice pizza delivered!

Order through any of our cashiers and it arrives approximately 30 minutes later, fresh and hot under your name!  Kids and adults love pizza more than anything and at this price, it’s by far the cheapest way to feed a lot of people!  Our large purchase volume with Pappa John’s, makes it possible to offer you this special low price.

Send out any Invitations from below.

Just download any style you want and print or email them out!


It’s time for Laser Tag!

Get off the couch and stop playing Call of Duty because now you can experience the action in person without staring at a screen all day. Crawl under bridges, hide in forts and run for your life with a laser tag session at Battleground Orlando.


You get to play a three hour session which includes 2 hours of lasertag games, with about an hour of breaks between games, instructions, registration and equipment checkin/checkout. This is great for a group of friends or someone who loves to have fun outside of the box.

Battleground Orlando is Florida’s largest indoor/outdoor advanced laser tag facility with six extreme courses to choose from. Turn your birthday or bachelor party into an Ultimate Laser Tag Party! You can make believe you are in the military, in your favorite video game, or a secret service agent. There is an extreme scenario for everyone. Don’t let the weather keep you inactive, with both indoor and outdoor courses available, everyday is a good day for a battle. Battleground Orlando provides advanced laser tag guns and covers all just in case you don’t want to get wet.

The latest technology rental equipment uses both infra-red and RF radio signals. You know exactly who you hit, your health, ammo, number of kills, who shot you, time remaining in the game, and much more, right on your guns LCD display.

For parents who do not want to be bothered with laser tag, there is free WiFi to keep them busy while their kids are roaming the courses.

Laser Tag Reviews – Check out what some customers are saying about us:

The staff is very friendly, and even took photos of us and shared them on Facebook for free! I was expecting them to try to sell us a “package” but nope, all free. I would highly recommend making a reservation and scheduling an early time, as it got very busy during the day. – Frank L,

Had the greatest time with my son that is usually glued to Xbox video games. I am a member of a gun club, and it was fun for a change to do something different than shooting on the range. It was quite real and a hell of a workout! Would recommend to anyone! – Angelos M,

Surprised my husband, son, brother-in-law and nephew with two hrs of laser tag. They loved it, very well organized and plenty of fields and everything was planned out for the group. They all want to go back again and all said it was a great workout as well. – Anonymous,

This place was something I’ve never seen before. Back home we have nothing like this and it was well worth going here. normajean765‎, Google Reviews

Took 6 kids 8-18 and they said AWESOME…when can we go again. Any place that can entertain an all ages group has my top rating…good alternative to ipods, laptops, television. Already made reservations for 12 for one of the kid’s birthdays…plus you get pizza. – Jim, Google Reviews

AWESOME!!!!… Definitely the place to go in Orlando to blow your buddies away playing laser tag! – Manojan, Google Reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome time, it was my first time doing laser tag and everyone in my group had a blast! Cedric was a great host. We’ll definitely be back with an even bigger group! Recommending to everyone – Arika Richardson, facebook fan
I tried making a recommendation, but I dont think it’s letting me. Anyway, this is what was said.

“Myself and 7 other friends came to Orlando FL. from Pensacola Fl. and between Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, and everything else we did Battleground Orlando was hands down the most fun we had all weekend. If you’re a tourist, local, or even just a Florida resident passing through…YOU MUST STOP BY BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO! We didn’t have time for their paintball, but their laser tag was phenomenal. You will not be disappointed!” – Khris Kirk, facebook fan

BATTLEGROUND ORLANDO (RSVP): – (407) 371-0686  or  (407) 294-0694 – Indoor/Outdoor “Laser Tag” Facility

About Us

The largest lasertag complex in Florida!  Indoor & Outdoor scenarios, FREE pizza, FREE pictures & military grade equipment. Open Everyday 12pm-12am.


7215 Rose Avenue,

Orlando, FL 32810

(407) 294-0694